Wednesday, April 8, 2009

day One point Five

March 13

Hyderabad Airport, 1am. Time, to go.

1st stop, Frankfurt. Wait, next flight.

Flipping fast, numbers. Letters, the same.

Terminal F, Paris. Rome, coming soon.

Way early, morning. FCO, get Girl.

Everyone asleep, tired. Airport, I go.

The Girl, arriving. 7:30am, by plane.

Find each, other. Across, the globe.

Vacation. Begins.


Ally said...

Nice! Very nice. Looking forward to more details....

Scotty said...

Ally - More to come!

OK Chick said...

Cool pictures. I too am excited to hear/read about the vacation.

Aaron said...

You need to work on your photograph-focus-skills. :P

Scotty said...

OK Chick - More to come!

Aaron - Maybe I need glasses.

TC said...

The last pic was super cute :)