Sunday, February 15, 2009


I don't know why, or how, I thought of it. But, one day I saw two webcams on a website for a pretty good price. I knew of my upcoming trip, where I would be away for a couple of months.

Other side of the world.

I thought it would be nice.

See each other.

When I gave to The Girl as a gift before I left, she seemed happy to receive. Saying it was thoughtful, it was a good idea.

Other side of the world.

At the time, I wasn't sure how much we would be able to talk on the phone. Now, even though we talk on the phone most days of the week, it's nice.

It's nice to see her.

There's something to be said about seeing someone. Even though she may be on, literally, the other side of the world... it never gets old. Her face. Mannerisms.

The look, excited to see me.

Times like those, I like to remember.
Times like those, I like to relive.

Just short of a month, and we'll meet in Rome.

I can't wait.


Dallas Diaries said...

That's too sweet, awe.

Gretta James said...

that is very sweet.

Gretta x

TC said...

I'm happy for you two.

OK Chick said...

Oh wow! You're meeting in Rome. I'm pretty jealous. Rome is a really cool city.
The web cams was a great idea. You are very thoughtful.

LiLu said...

Rome was a damn good choice, my friend... it doesn't GET more romantic than that.

Farrell said...

Ah, Rome. How I miss it!