Saturday, February 28, 2009


Heres a little story, that I would like to tell
a story about a Girl, a moment not so belle.
She was visiting I, during the holidays
visiting my parents, first time amaze.

We were all sitting around, watching tv
when all of a sudden, seemed she had to pee.
Across the room, walked to the stairs
up she went, pj's she wears.

I sat quietly, watching a little show
didn't think anything of it, normal I know.
We joked we laughed, while she was away
mexican food for dinner, I think that day.

When all of a sudden, a cry I hear from up top
"Scotty! Can you come up here? Oh wait, Stop!"
"Stop, you say? But what do you need?"
"I went to the bathroom, and more than peed!"

"Ummm... ok thats normal, what bothers you so?"
"I flushed, and nowhere my poop did go!"
"You clogged the toilet? Well no big deal
Just grab the plunger, ready for another meal!"

"I would, but I don't know how to use one"
"You don't? I swear its really fun!
I will even do it for you, since you dont know how"
"You can't see my poop, that I won't allow!"

"I tried to flush, the water kept creeping higher
near the rim, on the floor it desired!
So afraid, what would I tell your parents
your floor... is filled with... presents?"

Well she didn't let me, plunge for her
instead she tried and tried, her arms a blur.
Until finally, the toilet let her poop free
now probably floating, in the sea.

That is the story, of the Girl meets the 'rents
the first time nevertheless, sequence of events.
I swear she'll never, poop in their toilet,
fear of plunging, furiously in a sweat.


Dallas Diaries said...

oh god. I remember this.

TC said...

Oh man. I feel so sorry for her. She'll be traumatized for life by that one! lol

Fluffycat said...

You know, learning how to use a plunger is a valuable skill. How embarrassing.

Scotty said...

Dallas - Even better :)

TC - I think so. Actually, I know so.

Fluffycat - Is it? I agree. Though, I have yet to meet anyone (besides her) that had never used one.

TC said...

I actually just have to say that if you were my boyfriend, I think I'd kill you right about now, lol. There is no way I would be ok with you telling the world this story. She's definitely got me beat!

Gretta James said...

we've all blocked a toilet or 2.

Gretta x

LiLu said...

Ahhh that is so FUNNY!

This line killed me:

"Just grab the plunger, ready for another meal!"

Scotty said...

TC - You would definitely not kill me! All in good humor, of course :)

Gretta - Something tells me you may have the plunger action down pat, no?

LiLu - Yesssss!

The Exception said...

Poor thing. THe story is funny and a memory for sure, but I can't imagine how she felt. Wow! Will she visit you in India?

Farrell said...

that was by far the most entertaining poop story i've ever read or heard, dr. suess!