Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nice, day one

Our time in Florence was short, but it was definitely well worth it. Would definitely go back there in a second.

Next stop, Nice.

In planning we decided that we needed somewhere to stop in between Florence and Paris. You know, since there is a decent amount of travel time in between Florence and Paris, we might as well see somewhere new in between. So, we chose Nice. About halfway (I think?) in between the two, and we had heard good things about it. We decided that about a day and a half would be enough, seeing as Nice is primarily a beach town, is small, and we wanted to spend more time in Paris.

Woke up, had some of the complimentary breakfast at the hotel we were staying at, then off to the train station to go from Florence to Nice.

A good amount of the trip was on the coast. Without even thinking about it much, I noticed that I had gone months without seeing the ocean. Which, is kinda unique since I haven't lived farther than 5 miles from the ocean in my life.

We arrived in Nice, knowing we would have a short walk to the hotel. I think we got there in the late afternoon. Check in, drop off the bags, and see what Nice was all about.

When we booked our places to stay, we decided that we would stay in an 'ok' place in Nice, in exchange for a good location. Mostly because we would only be there for one night, and figured we would make up for it in Paris. Here's the view from the window.

We then ventured off down the street. Only to find that there was a fire. Luckily, this is about all we saw, and it didn't spread any more than the room it started in (we think).

The beach... interesting. I am pretty sure I wouldn't be a fan of laying on the rocks. Though, a definite plus would be that you wouldn't have sand all over you when you got home.

Walking along the Promenade des Anglais

We saw this guy riding these crazy pseudo-skates. Have you ever seen something like them?


From the jetty entrance to the Port of Nice

From the Avenue Jean-Medecin, where we stayed.