Friday, January 30, 2009

Cab'ing It

Between work and the hotel, there is a 'shuttle'. Basically, its a car service for those that are here from the US that work at Company. It goes back and forth between the office and the hotel, 24hrs a day.

If you need a ride between the two places, and the car isn't there (there are actually a few depending on the time of day and how busy it is) you call a phone number and a car is there shortly. Longest wait is usually about 10 minutes.

If you want to take a car somewhere other than the office or hotel, you just call about an hour prior and someone will be by to pick you up and take you wherever you want.

Most days when going to work it's just me in the car along with the driver. Being that its close to 5:30 in the morning, usually a whole lot of quiet is going on.

This day, when I got in, it was different. It wasn't the usual guy, it was someone different. We started to talk, I could tell he was wide awake, and enthusiastic.

He asked if it was my first time here, I said yes. We then went on talking about how he has been a driver for Company since we started here. We'll say about 5 years. Wow. He asked questions. We talked.

He showed me a book. A business card book. He said he collected them. In this book, were over 200 business cards from folks that had come here from Company.

The next day, morning when I saw him again, I gave him my card.

Sometimes its the little things that keep us going, keep us excited. Although I probably know very few people that are excited about what they do, or collect something as simple... he reminded me that sometimes its the seemingly insignificant things that can make your day.

And although I probably have about 500 of those cards, he has now has one.

He smiled, and thanked me.

Just a reminder to me that there are times when a seemingly small effort on your part, can make a big difference in someones entire day.


Len said...

Try to get out of that pre-formed, pre-organized world they all show you. Take a real riksha. Haggle for the price. Go somewhere else. Talk to people. If you have a shuttle service, you're not going to see India. And that explains why you're bored.

Scotty said...

Len - I do! Actually only take the shuttle all the time to work, since its early. Then on the way home take auto rickshaw half the time because its fun. Weekends usually meet friends/coworkers (born/raised here) and they drive.

Aaron said...

Dude has mad networking skills!

LaiLani Ali said...

I was just thinking- how's the weather there? Is it warm enough for flip flops? Cuz I think we need a please post pics of your flip flops in India.

TC said...

That's a really cute story :)

Len said...

Scotty, great :)

I'm saying this especially because my sis and I both went to India and had very very different experiences: she was a guest of one of her friend's family, and was never really allowed to get out of the pre-organized world they wanted to show her (to impress her and show that they had money and manners - they were ashamed that she once took a riksha!)

I went on my own with The Ex, and we experienced the other end, and everything my sis didn't see - and it was a much more thrilling experience :)
Although a lot dirtier, a lot more uncomfortable, and sometimes also a lot more sad.

LiLu said...

Aw, I love those moments! Adoramable.

Ally said...

I love people who are enthusiastic about what they do--and reminders of how we can so easily bring happiness to others by doing such simple things.

Happy day!