Friday, January 23, 2009


Before coming here, I knew there would be some... questionable foods. Well, lets just say that some things don't exactly look all that appealing.

NOW, after saying that... I will say that I am pretty open to trying anything. For instance, when going to breakfast or lunch (which I routinely have with the 'ol co-workers) I will usually just have them pick something out that they think I would like. See? Easy enough.

Well, I am certainly not the first one to have a little visit over here... and some of the folks before me were VERY picky about what they did/didn't eat. Enough so that they brought enough food for their entire stay. Really.

Nonetheless, I kinda did the same. Well, because I usually bring my lunch to work, and usually eat pretty simple. I guess the short story is that I didn't want to feel like I HAD to eat everything that was over here.

So, in my little goodie stash I brought over, were some of those microwave popcorn deals. See for yourself, I present to you Exhibit A:
Simple right? Bring a few of these, cook 'em on up, and you have yourself a little snack.

The other day, I brought one to work. You know, a little snackie for the mid-morning. Why not?

So, I went to the kitchen at work and popped it in. The microwave started doing its thing, and what do you know... before I know it there is a little smoke coming out of the microwave.

BUT, the popcorn is still popping... so its not DONE! You know, you're supposed to wait till the popping slows almost all the way down.

I let it go, and properly waited until it was done popping. It continued to smoke a teeny tiny bit, I didn't really care. Out came the popcorn and it was rightfully delicious. Not burnt or anything.

Today I planned on doing the same thing. In went the bag of popcorn, and there it started popping. It did the little smoke thing and I didn't think anything of it. But, this time, it may have smoked a bit more. I don't know why.

Well, I pull it out this time and a plume of smoke comes out of the microwave. There are a couple of other people in the kitchen, and they're looking at me. What the heck am I supposed to do?! Well, act like its not a big deal, of course.

So I grab it, and make my way out. You know, because this is normal.

They are talking to each other though, andidontknowwhatthehecktheyaresayingbecause theyarentspeakingtheenglish.

I make it to my desk.

It's still smoking.

I sat down, and not 2 seconds after I did, I hear a beep.

I'm all paranoid now, thinking it was some fire alarm beep, so I go outside.

I have some popcorn, until it stops smoking of course.

Then I went back in, and I could totally tell everyone was looking for the source of smoke.


And no, NONE OF THE POPCORN WAS BURNT. It was quite tasty, actually.


Hazel said...

hmm, that's interesting. burnt popcorn is the worst so i'm glad yours came out tasty!

Fluffycat said...

I love micro popcorn.

If I had to diagnose this problem, I'd say that there was some gunk or something in there that caught on fire, which won't really affect your popcorn popping.

LaiLani Ali said...

Scotty, Here's a little tip for ya. Stop popping the popcorn in that microwave. It's gonna blow up! Jeebus.

TC said...


That's weird. I usually just burn the popcorn, not start something on fire! lol

Gretta James said...

sounds like work needs to invest in a new microwave. How come you have to work in India? You should visit your england office and Gretta ;)

Le Meems said...

Huh! Thats crazy. What happened?

One time I put foil in the microwave. Talk about FIRE, man.

OK Chick said...

"Enough so that they brought enough food for their entire stay." Sad. Enjoy the new culture. Of course, I'm all about doing this until someone hands me a fish with it's head and eyes still in place. No thank-you!

I burn popcorn at work often. Eveyone gets annoyed at me. I can't help that I don't know how to pop popcorn! It doesn't make me a bad person.

TC- care to offer Scotty some popping advice. HA!

Scotty said...

Hazel - Verrry tasty..

Fluffycat - You know, I didn't think of that. I am pretty sure you're right.

LaiLani - Well... maybe that would liven things up a bit?

TC - You? Burnt? No way!

Gretta - Haha! Maybe I will!

Meems - Isn't that like in the rules of using a microwave? Like, DON'T do that?

OK Chick - TC, of ALL people, should not be in charge of popping popcorn.