Wednesday, January 28, 2009

California Burritos

I came here to work, essentially. To train folks, to network, to match faces with names… of people I have worked alongside ‘virtually’. And you know what? It’s pretty interesting.

There is something though, something about being ‘away’. It isn’t the same as being on a business trip somewhere in the US. I mean, when I am awake, most everyone in the US is asleep. When those in the US are asleep, I am awake. You see there? The time difference is roughly 12 hours.

Surrounded by people that aren’t from the same place, from the same culture, from a similar background.. is different. Its interesting to learn about how different cultures work… how they, are.

I wake up at about 4:45am. From the hotel to work is about a 10 minute drive, I usually get in at 5:30. I usually leave at about 3:30. Long day… but it really doesn’t seem long for some reason. Maybe because I am not really missing out on anything going on at the hotel.

Go back to the hotel, gym for an hour… rest of the night.

Rest of the night… its amazing to find yourself with the remainder of the day with… not much to do.

Visit friends… too far.

Talk to friends… asleep.

Watch tv… HBO, or the Discovery channel.

Gym… already went.

Sleep… too early.

Although I am certainly not bored, and am certainly not tired of being here, I think that when the time comes… I’ll be ready to go home.


Aaron said...

Write some really long blogs?

Gretta James said...

How is the girl dealing with you being away?

And when do you go home?

What books are you reading at the moment? I recommend the "yes man" if you've not already read it... TOo funny!

Gretta x

OK Chick said...

Do you have to be at work at 5:30am?

Fluffycat said...

You could always spend hours watching TV in a foreign language. That's pretty amusing.

LaiLani Ali said...

When I am in foreign countries, I usually find local kids to play with. I was in the Okovango Delta for only 1 day too long (for my taste) and searched out a pre-teen to play baseball with.

Well, he was playing Cricket, but I was playing baseball. It's almost the same, so we didn't argue about the rules or anything.

Also, you should start a burrito countdown. Carne Asada in 2 months and XX days...

ella said...

How about getting the girl to come visit you?

Le Meems said...

honey sweetie baby love.


Visit markets, hear live music, watch bollywood films, volunteer somewhere, invite yourself to a co-workers house for dinner, plan a weekend trip, collect art in unusual places. Buy some disposable cameras and cover the lens with clear nail polish -- then capture India as you see it. Don't develop any of them until you get home.

And for heavens sake, bring me some cumin, turmeric, black sesame seeds ad curry powders. I'll be in sandy eggo soon and I'll cook for you and lady friend :)

Scotty said...

Aaron - Trueeee... and I noticed you get married in about a week?

Gretta - Ummm.. pretty good I think. We still chat every day :)

OK Chick - Yep! Well, thats when my group goes in.

Fluffycat - Ha! I did see a bollywood movie, that was pretty entertaining.

LaiLani - Cricket... yes! Going to play tomorrow actually :) Mmmm... California Burritos..

Ella - She is, kinda. We're meeting in Rome (on my way back to the states).

Le Meems - Weekend outings, yes! Just during the week gets a little monotonous. :)

TC said...

Maybe try making yourself go to a different place every day or every other day? Some will be a hit, some will be boring, but it could still be worth it for new experiences :) Plus, you can blog them ;-)

Anonymous said...

What country are you in? I know Thailand is about a 12 hour difference from that near your whereabouts? :) Hope to get some good pictures!!