Monday, January 26, 2009

Movie + Golconda Fort

It looks like a mall from the outside, but its really a multiple level department store with a movie theater on top

Movie we saw

I got there early to walk around outside. People were waiting for movie tickets about an hour before the counter opened. They are crazy about their movies.

Then, when it opened, they flooded in.Delete caption

A family of three. All the women ride side-saddle.

Main road.

After movie, driving to fort.

This is a shuttle. The guy in the back is there to yell out where its going, so people can hop on if there is room.Delete caption

Dil pasand. Delicious treat. Kinda like a croissant on the outside and coconut and delicious on the inside.

They pay 5 Rs., I pay 100 Rs.Delete caption

From inside the fort, the entrance is on the right.

About halfway up.

Mosque within the fort, there were several.

The top, where Qutu Shahi kings lived

The backside of the fort.

At night there was a light show, much better than the pic shows.Delete caption

Dinner, everyone shares... Nan (bread, like a tortilla = yum), Paneer butter masala (red, has tofu in it, pretty good), Dal fry (brownish, wheat and oats), Vegetable magli kofta (white, a milk cream with rice)

Friends that took me there.


TC said...

I kind of like the idea that citizens of the country pay less.

Glad you're getting out and about!

Gretta James said...

looks like you're having a fabulous time. Gretta x

Aaron said...

How long are you living abroad? Until further notice?

Ally said...

Trying new food/restaurants is so much fun, although I often pack some protein bars so that at least one meal a day is something I'll like (and that at least has some protein and fiber....Europe, especially, seems to be lacking in those departments).

Still trying to figure out the popcorn thing....

Len said...

OMG I'm so so jealous. I miss India so much. How long are you staying?

Dallas Diaries said...

YOU HAD INDIAN FOOD??? Im in shock. I think someone will be very pleased to hear that.

India, as poverty stricken, dirty and depressing as it can get, has some of the magnificent forts and palaces I've seen.

Farrell said...

Wow. What an experience. I'm so jealous!

Scotty said...

TC - Trueeeee..... but is there anywhere in the U.S. that does that?!

Gretta - No too bad :)

Aaron - A couple months in total of work, then a little vacation abroad afterwards.

Ally - Popcorn? :)

Len - I'll be here a couple months!

Dallas - Of course! Willing to try anything... and you're very right.

Farrell - Yeah, one place I figured I wouldn't really come to 'vacation'.

LiLu said...

Dinner looks awesome!

I love picture posts.

TC said...

Nope, but there should be :)

Scotty said...

LiLu - Please post pics.

TC - There! You should start a movement.

OK Chick said...

I'm so jealous. Please keep up the pictures of your adventure.

jo said...

i'm a lil lost... you're now in india? how did that happen? so you're working there now? for how long? oh that's so interesting!

Anonymous said...

"Dal fry (brownish, wheat and oats), Vegetable magli kofta (white, a milk cream with rice)"

:) Would just like to correct you here.. Dal fry is cereals and has no wheat or oats in it.. also Malai Kofta is made of cheese and cashew cream.. it has no rice.. :)

I take it, its your first time in India... I, myself have never been to Hyderabad but if u can spare a couple of days.. try goin to Delhi or Mumbai... These are cities you'l enjoy being in...

And India is not just poverty stricken, dirty and depressing.. You just have to explore it to know... :D

And all the best for the rest of the couple of months here.. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! Ignore my last comment - you're in India!! Sorry, I've been catching up. I'm quite envious!! I've always wanted to go there!! I loved your pictures :)

Anonymous said...

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