Monday, January 19, 2009

The new thing

Received message on Facebook:

"... I hear you are in India. Take tons of photos and I want to hear all about it. Are you going to have a blog? That's the new thing. ..."

Yes I am, and, I already have one.

No, I didn't actually reply with that. Silly.


Ally said...

Are you in India?

I'm growing weary of blogger, but it seems like too much trouble to move. Glad you're still around.

TC said...

What are you in India for?

Scotty said...

Ally - Yep :)

TC - Work!

TC said...

Are you getting to see/do anything besides work?

Scotty said...

TC - I am! Not a ton, but have the weekends (mostly).

TC said...

How long you there for?