Sunday, March 22, 2009


Every time I visit a German airport, I see something pretty darn smart. They must be some smart folks, or something.

In any case, the first time, I saw a toilet seat that cleaned itself. Yes folks, they exist. You push a little button and the seat turns around and is cleaned with a cleaning solution, and even wipes itself dry. Crazy.

This time, the second time, had to do with the folks that scan your bags and such when you go through security before heading to the gates.

You know how you have to put all of your stuff into the little bin, then the bin goes through the x-ray? Well, what happens to the little bins once you take your stuff out of them?

Thats right, they sit there, until one of the TSA folks stacks them, then either wheels or walks them over to the beginning of the conveyor belt.

Well, those Germans took it to a new level. No one has to carry those pesky bins. Instead, there is a little track, alongside the conveyor belt, where you stand the bins up on their side. When you add it to the track, they automatically get pushed towards the beginning of the conveyor belt deal.

It's kind of hard to explain, and I wanted to take a pic. But, I wasn't sure if the guy with the machine gun would have appreciated that.


Fluffycat said...

I have NEVER felt as safe in an airport as I did flying through Munich. They do pat you down, but you end up feeling like no one could get away with anything. Bless that German efficiency.

Len said...

Why yes us Germans are awesome. ;)

I like the Frankfurt airport :)

TC said...

They do pat you down, but you end up feeling like no one could get away with anything.

I donno that I'd call it "patting" Fluffycat. Full out violation of every crevice of your body? Yeah. Unfortunately, that didn't make me feel "safe."

Gretta James said...

I saw a clean yourself toilet seat in a service station in Germany. There was no button tho it did it automaticlaly scared the shit out of me so it had to start the process all over again! ha I'm funny.

Gretta x

OK Chick said...

I'm impressed. Go Germans!
The OKC airport has a device that cleans your toilet seat. It's true. We may only have 3 restaurants in our airport, but dang it, we have clean toilet seats!

Aaron said...

While I wasn't impressed with the Rome airport, I was impressed with the security. Guys on catwalks with MP5s? Yeah, that's hardcore.

Scotty said...

Fluffycat - That reminds me, there was a girl here that felt pretty violated when she was patted down. They didn't miss anything.

Len - Me too! As a matter of fact, I spent a day there (in Frankfurt) :)

TC - Sneak-a-cop-a-feel?

Gretta - So you've seen one too!

OK Chick - Please post pics.

Aaron - Yeah, something about those automatic weapons.