Sunday, March 8, 2009

Listening in

OK Chick, made a comment about my last post. Interesting comment, because it made me think of something (kind of) related.


I think we all, in general, strive to have someone listen.

Whether we know it, or realize it, people are always listening. Take for instance, blogs. We may not think it based on the number of comments we receive. We may not think it based on the number of blog-related emails we receive. But, there is always someone listening. Even if it's Google taking an automated look to index your blog. Even if its the person that seems like they aren't paying attention.

Even though it may not be apparent, out there, people are always listening.


The Ambiguous Blob said...

Great. Now I'm gonna be all kinds of paranoid- wondering who is listening in. Scary!

Aaron said...

..or in the case of blogs, reading. ;)

TC said...

They might be listening, but are they hearing? There is a difference.

OK Chick said...

Well said.

Everyone does strive to have someone listen. This is why I think blogs are so popular- because deep down we know someone is going to read our post. They may not comment, but someone out in Blogger World will read.

Essentially Me said...

The Universe is always listening. True story.

Scotty said...

Tabbie - Don't be scurred!

Aaron - Exactly!

TC - Ooo... good point..

OK Chick - Very true..

Essentially Me - Agree!

Ally said...

TC hit on what I was thinking....we all want to be heard. We want to be recognized and acknowledged.