Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sick of home

Its official, like, I have tickets official. Will be living in India for an additional month. No surprise, I said I didn't mind staying if they wanted me to... as long as I got to keep my vacation. So, instead of going back to the U.S. of A. after Europe, I'll be spending a day in Germany followed by a flight back to India. Craziness.

I have been asked, a few times now, if I am homesick. I don't think I am, but, there are a few things that I miss about being 'home'. I have, been away from the U.S. multiple times for months at a time, so nothing new there. After thinking about it a little, its just the things you do every day that become routine, that can't be done as easy when not at home.

- I miss my shower
- I miss eating yogurt for breakfast every morning before work
- I miss getting to work before everyone else
- I miss my desk
- I miss sandwiches (BUT, I swear the BEST club sandwich I have had in the WORLD is right here)
- I miss salad (have it here, but not a regular thing to eat here)
- I miss making my lunch
- I miss making dinner
- I miss my walk to work
- I miss going to the gym at lunch time (have to go after work here)
- I miss laying on my couch
- I miss my bed
- I miss wine (its ridiculous expensive here)
- I miss being able to get in my car, and go to a familiar place to walk around
- I miss seeing my friends
- I miss familiar faces
- I miss the smell of the ocean
- I miss the marine layer in the morning
- I miss getting email throughout the day (instead, I wake up to a bunch of it)
- and the Girl of course, but I get to talk to her every day :)

I am sure there are others, but those are the ones that are on my mind at the moment. If you were to pick one thing you would miss the most about being away, what would it be?


TC said...

being able to cook
my bed
my favorite munchkins
phone calls that don't require codes or a computer

Aaron said...

I'd miss my bed, definitely.

(I never sleep well when anywhere but.)

But now, I guess I'm obligated to say that I would miss my wife. :)

OK Chick said...

I would say I'd miss my shower too, but Japan has some AWESOME showers.

It sounds like you miss your normal routines, which is what I'd miss...that and my family. At least you still get your vacation.

OK Chick said...

Ok. I just realized that my last comment made it sound like I'm currently in Japan, which I'm clearly not. HA!
But when I was in Japan (both times) I did not miss my shower at all. But all the other foreign places I've been made me miss/appreciate my shower/toilet.

Fluffycat said...

I always miss my cats when I'm away. And Mexican food if I'm outside of California because it's never as good anywhere else.

Dallas Diaries said...

Scotty, also, you miss breathing air that has little to no pollution.

Farrell said...

well i would obviously miss my daughter the most...and my animals. and being able to read signs. and menus.

WiscoBlonde said...

I always miss my shower with good water pressure and lots of hot water!

Scotty said...

TC - A few people here have mentioned the driving thing also

Aaron - Yes, pretty much obligated. I guess you still get 'points' after you're married!

OK - Yesssss.... vacation! I don't remember the showers being especially awesome, do tell why.

Fluffycat - They probably miss you too! Almost crazy to say, but there is a pretty good mexican restaurant here.

Dallas - Oooo... good one!

Farrell - Funny thing, is that most things here are in english :)

Wisco - Shower = common theme :)

LaiLani Ali said...

I generally miss my baby puppy. Mostly because he is perfect in every way and is really fluffy and always excited to see me. Even if I just walked out the door 30 seconds ago.

Gretta James said...

When I go away I miss my bathtub, and be able to spend as long as I want in it, with a glass of wine, a good book and many luxurious bubbles. Yeah when I'm away it's usually a quick shower. Blah..


Scotty said...

Lailani - Is he really still a puppy? Really?

Gretta - Common theme...