Thursday, March 5, 2009


Tonight I saw the movie, the one about the millionaire.

You know, there is something different about seeing a movie set somewhere you have been. Something different about seeing a movie set where you are.

I couldn't help but think, during the movie, that if I were at home I wouldn't think as much about it.

But the truth is, it made me think more. Because all of the things that would have seemed strange if I weren't over here, seemed everyday and normal.

Perspectives change based on experience.


LaiLani Ali said...

I loved loved loved the movie. The culture and the setting were so plain to see. So real. So true. So heartbreaking.

TC said...

Perspectives change based on experience.

Excellent line.

Scotty said...

Lailani - Wholeheartedly agree!

TC - Thank you :) It was one of those ones that just came out, unexpectedly. Those are the best.

Farrell said...

so what did you think of it? I've been slacking and haven't yet seen it but am looking forward to doing so when i get the chance.

Aaron said...

What TC said.

Actually, it's what you said. I just agree with TC.