Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Throw your own party

Something thats pretty cool, in a way, is that over here there are a few differences when it comes to a birthday celebration.

You can even celebrate your birthday here, if you so desire.

You even get free cake and a song.

But, we're all used to that stuff.

Now, I have been told that it can be different 'at home', but this is what folks do here with their friends. I realize not everyone may do this.

Say, it's my birthday.

I, have to throw my own party. This means I get the cake, I get the food, I arrange everything.

The cake and the food comes. First, the cake. I cut the cake, and I hand a piece of cake to everyone.

Now, the fun part. If someone I hand a piece of cake to wants to have a piece with me, I have to eat a piece too. BUT, they get to feed it to me, and I get to feed it to them. Think, bride and groom wedding style.

Sometimes, people have a little fun.

Then, time to eat.


TC said...

I think that would make me uncomfortable, having all these people feed me cake if they so chose.

LaiLani Ali said...

The do it the same in lots of places in Europe. Except not with the feeding it to each other part. That's whack.

Aaron said...

With my luck, I'd get that creepy guy that never washes his hands after using the restroom!

(But an interesting tradition... with pics!)

Scotty said...

TC - Because you wouldn't want to eat it? What if it was delicious?

Lailani - You would totally get it all over your face, I knows it.

Aaron - Oooo... or the creepy girl? I am sure they exist.