Monday, March 30, 2009

Back in the land

I'm back! Well, I have actually been back for a few days, from the 'ol vacation. And just like any vacation, it was great. Similarly like any vacation, it was too short.

Back to work = boo.

In any case, since I know you all love pics, here are some. From Holi :)

I am in a few, I am the only one in a black shirt.

Needless to say, I still had a little bit of color after a couple of days.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Before, I blogged about two people. In a relationship, for 6 years.

Great for each other. Yet, something wasn't there. They wanted different things. She wanted a family, he didn't. Just, different end points. Understanding enough.

Sometimes, I think, you think you can change someone. You can change them to what you would like them to be. To a certain degree, you probably can, on very minor things.

Put that here instead of there.

Maybe, not so much, about having a family. That's a pretty big deal.

Last week, I received an email from her. 'Our News'. And, before opening the email I knew had a feeling what it was going to be about. A hunch.

She wrote, to tell everyone their decision. Taking a break, from each other. Hated to do over email, but thought it was the right thing to do and let everyone know.

Please know that [We] have no hard feelings towards each other - so no need to tip-toe around us (or feel that you have to "take sides") but you are important to us, and we wanted you to know.

That, I think, was something I had never seen before.

Just letting it all out.

I liked it.

Not for the situation, not for anything else but realizing that the best thing to do was to put everything out in the open. For everyone. Makes things easier.

Not only on them, I think, but for all of their friends. Their many mutual friends. Although this may not be the case in an 'ugly' break, I think that sometimes friends are often forgotten in a 'clean' one. A mutual one. Sometimes, they don't know if they should take sides. Because, nothing is out there but this and that. Nothing solid.

This, to me, shows [they] care about not only themselves, but the friends they have together.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Every time I visit a German airport, I see something pretty darn smart. They must be some smart folks, or something.

In any case, the first time, I saw a toilet seat that cleaned itself. Yes folks, they exist. You push a little button and the seat turns around and is cleaned with a cleaning solution, and even wipes itself dry. Crazy.

This time, the second time, had to do with the folks that scan your bags and such when you go through security before heading to the gates.

You know how you have to put all of your stuff into the little bin, then the bin goes through the x-ray? Well, what happens to the little bins once you take your stuff out of them?

Thats right, they sit there, until one of the TSA folks stacks them, then either wheels or walks them over to the beginning of the conveyor belt.

Well, those Germans took it to a new level. No one has to carry those pesky bins. Instead, there is a little track, alongside the conveyor belt, where you stand the bins up on their side. When you add it to the track, they automatically get pushed towards the beginning of the conveyor belt deal.

It's kind of hard to explain, and I wanted to take a pic. But, I wasn't sure if the guy with the machine gun would have appreciated that.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The day

After reading watching a little of someone elses...

Maybe not as much as when I read Marley and Me, or when I watched it at the theater.

There is something that I have known for a very long time. I don't know why, but I am pretty confident that I will cry at my own.

I'm ok with that.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thinking: Listen


Concentrate. Attention to other. Interaction. More reaction than action. Important. Focus other than yourself. Perceive. The way they experience. Understand. How they feel. Realize. They are not alone. Connect. In a new and different way. Unique. Unparalleled in life. See. Eyes and your heart. Relate. They aren't alone. Concern. Yourself with them. Touch. Feelings and emotions. Search. Sympathize with each. Together. For each other.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Help with smoke

Someone searched for this, and was led to this post.

smoke coming out of the microwave

I wonder if they were making popcorn?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Holi


I didn't expect to have such a good time. I thought it would be a lot of fun, but, in a different way I guess.

There's something to be said about running around like kids, with kids, in an effort to celebrate a holiday. No one is mean about adding a little color to you. All in good fun.

Even as adults, I think we all have a little kid inside of us. One that wants to run around, maybe as we used to.

And, I think it all comes down to one simple thing. The time(s) when someone older used to tell you (most often when you weren't allowed to do something)

Someday you're going to wish you were a kid again.

At the time was often thought.

Who would have thought, that all you want to do is feel like you didn't have a care in the world. Only having to worry about what you were going to do after school.


Not a care in the world. No bills. No work. Maybe a little bit of drama.

Its amazing how easy throwing paint and color onto each other, can bring you back to those same memories.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Sooo... I'm going to be on vacation for a bit. Posting postponed... and I will TRY and catch up with your bloggy blogs once back.

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Since I had a lot to write recently, I decided to have some posts ready for you to happily read while I was away.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Listening in

OK Chick, made a comment about my last post. Interesting comment, because it made me think of something (kind of) related.


I think we all, in general, strive to have someone listen.

Whether we know it, or realize it, people are always listening. Take for instance, blogs. We may not think it based on the number of comments we receive. We may not think it based on the number of blog-related emails we receive. But, there is always someone listening. Even if it's Google taking an automated look to index your blog. Even if its the person that seems like they aren't paying attention.

Even though it may not be apparent, out there, people are always listening.

Friday, March 6, 2009


A few months back, I was getting ready. To go to the Aero Bar. I don't know who all was going specifically, but I do know that a friend was there with me at my place beforehand.

He was getting ready. I was on my laptop waiting. Looking at a YouTube video. I think it was a video blog? It was.

It was funny, I thought, so I showed it to him. He watched. He laughed.

There's something he said, that I've remembered since then. Been meaning to write about.

I don't understand why someone would want a blog

I, admittedly, was a little confused. Though, I didn't let on that I was.

Well, I guess some people like to write. So, just another way to do so

And, I thought to myself, asked myself, why. Why I write. Here.

I have lots of reasons.

I think that the main reason, and the reason (historically) that I tend to write more at times is because I am thinking more. Those times, usually came when I was being introspective, thinking. But, not having someone to share those things with.. I turned to you.

Because, you don't realize it until you're deep into it. You don't realize that you slowly become part of your own little community, here on the internets. A community where you feel like if you were to meet someone, you would know exactly how they were. A community where you can say what you want, when you want.

A place, for you, to write it out.

A place where there are people like you, people who may think to much, people that have the same problems and triumphs as you.

Gaining perspective. You learn what its like. To live somewhere. To be somewhere. To experience something.

I think the first time I realized how much of a community it is, I was taken back. Someone asked me something, or another. They asked.

Who do you know that did that?

Ummm... A friend of mine.

That friend, a blogger. That something, or another - something they had blogged about.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Tonight I saw the movie, the one about the millionaire.

You know, there is something different about seeing a movie set somewhere you have been. Something different about seeing a movie set where you are.

I couldn't help but think, during the movie, that if I were at home I wouldn't think as much about it.

But the truth is, it made me think more. Because all of the things that would have seemed strange if I weren't over here, seemed everyday and normal.

Perspectives change based on experience.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Throw your own party

Something thats pretty cool, in a way, is that over here there are a few differences when it comes to a birthday celebration.

You can even celebrate your birthday here, if you so desire.

You even get free cake and a song.

But, we're all used to that stuff.

Now, I have been told that it can be different 'at home', but this is what folks do here with their friends. I realize not everyone may do this.

Say, it's my birthday.

I, have to throw my own party. This means I get the cake, I get the food, I arrange everything.

The cake and the food comes. First, the cake. I cut the cake, and I hand a piece of cake to everyone.

Now, the fun part. If someone I hand a piece of cake to wants to have a piece with me, I have to eat a piece too. BUT, they get to feed it to me, and I get to feed it to them. Think, bride and groom wedding style.

Sometimes, people have a little fun.

Then, time to eat.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sick of home

Its official, like, I have tickets official. Will be living in India for an additional month. No surprise, I said I didn't mind staying if they wanted me to... as long as I got to keep my vacation. So, instead of going back to the U.S. of A. after Europe, I'll be spending a day in Germany followed by a flight back to India. Craziness.

I have been asked, a few times now, if I am homesick. I don't think I am, but, there are a few things that I miss about being 'home'. I have, been away from the U.S. multiple times for months at a time, so nothing new there. After thinking about it a little, its just the things you do every day that become routine, that can't be done as easy when not at home.

- I miss my shower
- I miss eating yogurt for breakfast every morning before work
- I miss getting to work before everyone else
- I miss my desk
- I miss sandwiches (BUT, I swear the BEST club sandwich I have had in the WORLD is right here)
- I miss salad (have it here, but not a regular thing to eat here)
- I miss making my lunch
- I miss making dinner
- I miss my walk to work
- I miss going to the gym at lunch time (have to go after work here)
- I miss laying on my couch
- I miss my bed
- I miss wine (its ridiculous expensive here)
- I miss being able to get in my car, and go to a familiar place to walk around
- I miss seeing my friends
- I miss familiar faces
- I miss the smell of the ocean
- I miss the marine layer in the morning
- I miss getting email throughout the day (instead, I wake up to a bunch of it)
- and the Girl of course, but I get to talk to her every day :)

I am sure there are others, but those are the ones that are on my mind at the moment. If you were to pick one thing you would miss the most about being away, what would it be?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Involving your heart

Can you make time?

This morning, while working a little and watching a little tv, a coworker im'ed me. She was at work, and I had known that she was extremely busy.

Now, I don't know if she really was, but she seemed to be. Acted like she was.

I just have way too much to do, I don't know how I am going to finish everything

What am I supposed to say to that?
Well, it doesn't matter what you have to do. Just try and get stuff done. If you don't finish, you don't finish. There's nothing you can do about it, so why worry about it?

I know I have told something similar to many people before when faced in a similar situation.

And, it reminded me. Of a time last week. When I was talking to a more senior person at work about a project we were working on.
Do you have time?

Huh? Yeah, I have time. I said I would finish it, right?

Yes, but I know that you have a lot going on right now.

Well, I do, but I told you I would have it done by xx.

Ok. Well, let me know if you need anything.

Truth be told, I was busy. But, I would do my best to do what I said I would.

If I was not going to be able to do what I said I would, I will be the first one to say, "I tried, but could not finish. I will have to you by xx."

I think, that too often, people put undue stress onto themselves if they aren't able to finish something, if they aren't able to follow through.

If you aren't going to finish something, say something. Don't wait until the last minute. Be honest with yourself and those who are dependent on you.

Maybe its me. But, if you try, that means the world. Trying shows you care.

To care, involves your heart.

There isn't such a thing as failure when your heart is involved.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

On a Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoons here in Indialand hold a special place in my heart. As you may, or may not, know, I work from Tuesday to Saturday vice Monday to Friday.

What does this mean?

I very much look forward to Sunday, even moreso because I usually end up working for a little bit on Mondays.

BUT, thats neither here nor there. We're talking about Sunday people.

What does Sunday bring? It brings an all you can eat, all you can drink, buffet deliciousness poolside at the place I am staying. Usually start out with a delicious spicy bloody mary, followed by some delicious mojitos. Seriously.

GOOD FOOD. GOOD DRINKS. From 12:30 to 3:30. Its wonderful.

Needless to say, there are times when people get a little crazy.

We may have helped out this Sunday when, this week, we decided we would bring... Beer Pong.

Yes folks, poolside Beer Pong in Indialand. It was done. We even taught some folks from different countries how to play. They were intrigued. Wait.


Of course.

When, all of a sudden, it seems, there was a couple that showed up. The woman, was less than sober. I would have guessed that, at 4:00, she may have been there all morning with her seems-to-be husband. BUT NO. She hadn't been there that long.

Well, they started playing for some reason. I was in the pool. She sat down. Someone said, "LOOK SCOTTY!!". Naturally, I looked. What I saw, is hard to explain.

The man, had mounted the woman.

UNLUCKY for me, I was in the pool. I shouted, "GIVE ME MY CAMERA!!!" I NEEDED a picture of this.

Alas, I was in the pool, and by the time my voice was heard, he had dismounted.

I was sad.



I saw the baby, and was naturally curious.

Huh? A baby? Really? Where? Over there? Oh!

So, I did what I would normally do.

I got out of the pool and walked over to the baby, and said, "Hi Baby".

I think I must have said this pretty loud, or something, because everyone started to laugh. I proceeded to hang out with the baby for a few minutes. She (that baby) was kinda out of it. Tired.

The mommy-mounter and mom soon left stumbled away after that. Good.

So, afterwards I was completely sad that I did not get a picture. Really really really sad. As a matter of fact, I didn't take ANY pictures at the pool, even though I took my camera down.

But wait! I came back home after dinner tonight, and picked up my camera. Someone had taken a picture. ONE PICTURE FROM THE ENTIRE DAY. I don't know who took it. I don't know HOW THEY KNEW. Really. I need to buy this mystery person a drink.

No joke. You can even see pong being played in the background.